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High School Travel Safety

The Leaders in High School Student Travel

Breakaway Tours has been the industry leader in youth travel for over 30 years, organizing trips for over 300,00 students  to destinations across North America.

 Breakaway Tours  not only prides itself on being the largest student leisure tour operator in Canada but also on our dedication to safety and fun travel.


Breakaway Tours makes it easy to plan your high school trip by providing:


We are available to assist with arrivals and departures, and attend events and activities during the trip! All Team Members go through a full background check, and extensive training prior to travel.


To ensure students can find support when they need assistance.


We recommend travellers to check in with our destination team in the morning, and evening. These are prime times to hear feedback about the events!


On destination, our Info Desk is centralized in the hotel lobby. Travelers can visit Breakaway Tours Leaders for any information or questions they have!


These sessions are held throughout the year to provide clear lines of communication between our company and our clients.


We offer monthly payment plans to accommodate all travellers.


Breakaway Tours Traveller Guidelines:

Travel With a Friend

Whether it’s getting closer with your own crew,  or meeting tons of others from around North America.

Explore More

Step out of your comfort zone. Explore your surroundings. Be Adventurous and get involved in all of our Breakaway Tours activities and exclusive events.

Take Responsibility

Woohoo, freedom and independence. This trip is going to be unreal, however you need to take responsibility for your own actions. Act like a mature adult and we’re all good!


Treat all Breakaway leaders, other guests, locals and anyone you meet on your trip with respect. All good vibes, all the time. 

How to Stay Safe

Our #1 priority is safety. Please be aware of our guidelines that are in place to keep you and your group safe. Some are actual laws, but most are just common sense.

  • Fighting and violence is not tolerated. Anyone involved in a fight or altercation may be immediately removed from the trip at own cost.

  • Possession of illegal drugs is prohibited. Authorities may be contacted and will result in immediate removal from program at own cost.

  • Responsible consumption of alcohol is allowed only for individuals 18 years and over.

  • There is a strict no alcohol policy in all common areas of the hotel and on-board any bus.

  • Only Breakaway travellers who are registered at your hotel are allowed in your room.

  • Travellers will be required to wear their Breakaway Tours wristband at all times during the trip.

  • No person shall impede the enjoyment or safety of others. Intimidation, including verbal, physical, or sexual harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.

  • We believe in yes means yes, and only yes means yes. No person shall engage in nonconsensual sexual activity. Any form of sexual violence will not be tolerated.

  • Bags and travellers will be searched by security personnel. Any illegal substances will be confiscated and discarded. Local authorities may be contacted.

  • Respect all bus, hotel, excursion, venue, and Breakaway property.

  • Quiet hours between 10pm and 7am must be observed in all public areas of the hotel.

  • Zero noise starts at 1am — All travellers must be in a room at this time.

  • Smoking is only permitted in designated areas. No smoking in rooms or buses.

  • Sign-in daily — This lets us know you are safe, and gives you a chance to ask us questions about the trip.

  • If the Breakaway Tours Traveller Guidelines are broken, the traveller may receive a warning with conditions, a phone call home to parents, or could be dismissed from the program at parents/guardians expense

View the Breakaway Brochure HERE 

Expectations for Breakaway Tours

Breakaway leaders will be available during designated hours to assist travellers and answer questions. Please review and have a conversation about what Breakaway leaders Do Vs. Don’t Do.

Breakaway Leaders Do:

  • Make themselves available at the Info Desk between 9am–1am.

  • Roam the hotel during designated hours and make themselves available at all Breakaway Tours activities, excursions, & events.

  • Manage all medical emergencies including accompanying traveller to clinic and contacting parents.

  • Ensure a leader can be reached via the front desk throughout the night in case of emergency.

  • Perform extensive briefing upon arrival to review the Breakaway Tours Traveller Guidelines to ensure a safe and fun trip.

  • Call parents when there is a major infraction to the Breakaway Tours Traveller Guidelines.

  • Remove travellers that pose a threat to themselves or others.

  • Ensure that bag checks are done by security once travellers arrive at hotel.

Breakaway Leaders Don’t:

  • Know the exact location of every traveller at all times.

  • Enter rooms of travellers, unless in case of emergency.

  • See all actions of travellers and are not present at all times to help curb behaviour or language.

  • Smell drinks for alcohol.

  • Guarantee that travellers will not have access to alcohol from shops or other means.

View the Breakaway Brochure HERE 

Expectations for Breakaway Travellers and Parents

Safety is Breakaway Tours’ #1 priority, however, parents and travellers need to have an open and honest conversation about proper expectations and appropriate behaviour while travelling.

Expectations of Travellers:

  • Act like an adult & treat others with respect.

  • Be responsible for your own actions.

  • If you’re the age of majority, you must drink responsibly.

  • Be respectful of other guests, especially during quiet hours.

  • Sign-in at the Breakaway Tours Info Desk daily.

  • Bring any emergency directly to Breakaway Tours leaders who are always ready to provide assistance.

  • If you can be smart and safe back home on a Friday night then you will have a safe and fun experience on Breakaway Tours.

Expectations of Parents:

  • Sit down with your son or daughter & read the Breakaway Tours Traveller Guidelines.

  • Set proper expectations of behaviour while away from home.

  • Have a conversation about decisions your child may be faced with while travelling.

View the Breakaway Brochure HERE 

Do You Love to Travel?

For over 30 years, Breakaway Tours has created extraordinary travel experiences for High School students. Our trips spread joy and spark an appreciation for travel, culture and friendship. A big part of our success is our knowledgeable, enthusiastic and hardworking team.

We're constantly growing, so if you're passionate about youth travel and want to join a group of like-minded people, we want to hear from you! Take a look at our job openings listed below.